Our History

A place to buy and sell food is essential to the survival of a community. In 1803, land was given by the city for the construction of a market house in the middle of Paint Street. This operation grew, so the location was changed to Market Street in 1805 to relieve congestion. Though some type of Market has existed most of the intervening years, a demand for local and safe food products resurged in the late 1990’s. In January 2002, a group of interested citizens met for lunch and decided the timing was right to reorganize the Chillicothe Farmers Market.

Farmers, business operators and government representatives collaborated to develop rules and bylaws. The Chillicothe Gazette raised excitement by reporting every step. In July 2002, the Market opened in a downtown parking lot with 15 members. Each year the success of the Market has grown. With over 50 vendors and a bigger location, our Growers Market provides the best of local produce, meat, plants and baked goods each Saturday morning between May and October. Our vendors enjoy discussion with buyers and are anxious to bring a product which meets the needs of the public. Enthusiasm, education and a social gathering spot are all part of what makes Chillicothe Farmers Market unique.


The market starts the first Saturday in May and runs until the last Saturday in October, from 8AM – Noon. We are located in the parking lot of the Ross County Service Center, at 475 Western Avenue in Chillicothe, Ohio.


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